Job Vacancies

Job TitleEnglish Instructor (Native English Speaker)
Job Description

?  Position: Instructor (Native English Speaker)

?  Term: Full-time

?  Department: Center for ESL and Academic Preparation (CEAP)


I.                    Function

MCBS CEAP faculty members are expected to teach and prepare students for their higher studies. They are also expected to plan for lessons, write exams, advise students, implement departmental plans, and achieve course targets. 

II.                  Roles and Responsibilities

1-      Plan for the delivery of the course;

2-      Prepare teaching materials;

3-      Teach for a maximum of 20 hours a week;

4-      Advise foundation students;

5-      Make and mark tests;

6-      Keep attendance records of the classes;

7-      Schedule office hours for the students;

8-      Follow the program guidelines and policies;

9-      Adhere to MCBS rules and responsibilities;

10-   Attend both course and departmental meetings;

11-   Undertake any administrative work assigned by the Director of the Program.

I.                    Qualifications

                                                               i.      Master’s degree in English Language Teaching or any related field;

                                                             ii.      ELT qualification (CELTA, DELTA, TEFL, etc.);

English Instructor (Native English Speaker)

Note: You are expected to submit online teaching certification